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10 Things About Me

Here are 10 things about me you may not have known:


1. Me + God = Everything. Seriously. I’ve learned that as long as I put Him first, everything and everyone I need in my life appears.


2. I. Love. To. Dance. If you didn’t come to leave your sweat on the dance floor, you probably shouldn’t get too close to me while I’m on it. My love of dance has allowed me to travel the U.S. and the Caribbean as a performing artist with a various dance troupes including Mbuutu of Uganda, an East & Central African dance troupe.

An action shot from an Mbuutu performance

An action shot from an Mbuutu performance

3. When I was little, I used to think I could really turn into Wonder Womanjust by turning around the right way. Linda Carter had me believing I could be a lasso-toting, invisible plane-driving super-shero!


4. I was born in Uganda, East Africa—the country Winston Churchill christened “The Pearl of Africa” because of its lush beauty. (And just so you know, there’s waaay more to my country than just Idi Amin…). I also claim Rwandese heritage from my mother. (And there’s waaay more to Rwanda than the genocide.)


5. My favorite dessert is bread pudding; I’ve tasted just about every version in the Washington, DC-area where I’m based. The version which leads the pack comes from Copper Canyon Grill. Don’t get me started.


6. One day, I want to write and produce a Broadway musical.


7. I love to read! Branding. Business. Romance. Personal Development. Inspiration. Thrillers. Anything that feeds my insatiable appetite for great literature and learning. Thankfully, my daughter has picked up this trait and blows through an average of 3-5 books a week!


8. My favorite sports are track & field and basketball. I can still shoot a mean outside jumper. Wanna ball?


9. My first job out of college was working at The Nature Conservancy; it gave me an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. I just wish we took better care of our environment.


10. Did I mention I love fashion? And shoes? And fashion?


Julian B. Kiganda #MillionDollarBrand Builder