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Work With Me

Building a successful brand is much like building your dream house: you need to have a strong foundation in order for the house to be solid as a rock.


I love building brands. It’s in my blood. Even after I took a break for two years from doing client work to launch my online magazine (www.boldandfearless.me) and book (www.whoseshoesbook.com), I was still creating brands that were transformational.

Bold & Fearless contributors


There’s something so gratifying about working with visionaries like you to help you bring your dreams, your ideas, your vision—to life. In doing this work for almost 20 years, I’ve learned that success is in the details and the execution. And the details begin with me getting to know you and:


What keeps you up at night?

How are you different from everyone else out there?

What problem do you solve for your clients and customers?

Who, exactly, is your audience? 

Where do you see your business 1-5-10 years from now?


Because when you begin with the end in mind, you know what steps you need to take to achieve success. And I help you get there using the most important building blocks for your brand.


What are some of the building blocks of a million-dollar brand? They include:

  • your message
  • your competitive advantage
  • your mission
  • your vision
  • your brand promise
  • your purpose
  • your target audience(s)
  • your personality
  • your positioning
  • your people
  • your tone
  • your visuals


Before we even begin to design your brand and craft a compelling message that will get buyers flocking to your door, you have to first get all these things figured out. And when you work with me, I help you gain clarity around what you stand for so that everything fits quite nicely on top of that foundation. (Believe me when I tell you, not everyone wants or needs what you have to sell. You have to get clear on who does.) Clarity is everything. Without it, you get a muddled, confused message that turns off potential clients and customers. Why?


Because a confused customer doesn’t buy.


I love what Dr. Venus Opal Reese says about clarity:


“Money is attracted to clarity and speed.”


Once you gain that clarity, we can build a brand that attracts the right clients and customers—and the money will follow. Contact me to find out how we can work together to build the right foundation for your transformational brand.