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**After June 30, 2017, I will no longer be providing strategy sessions as a stand-alone service.**


Welcome! I’m Julian B. Kiganda, Transformational Brand Strategist at JBK Brand Design and founder of Bold & Fearless. I’m passionate about helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs, visionaries and businesses build profitable brands. With almost 20 years of experience, I want to put my knowledge to work for you.


Using the power of branding, I’ve helped my clients:
– land multi-million dollar sponsorships;

– help a client raise more than $12,000 in crowdfunding in 5 weeks;
– increase client sales of products by 800% overnight;
– fill events to capacity (1600 seats) within two weeks;
– successfully finish writing, producing and launching their books;
– sell $80,000 worth of event tickets in 7 weeks!


A Brand Strategy Session is for you if you:

• Have a message and a great product/service to share with the world but not sure where to start
• Are frustrated by your lack of results
• Are feeling stuck and need clarity about the right direction to go with your brand
• Are ready to take your brand to the next level
• Want to save yourself time by not trying to figure everything out by yourself




Tanya Barnett Tanyas Xchange

“I hired Julian to help me decide what my brand would look like. In every interaction, she made me feel like my success was her success. When I came up against mental roadblocks, she literally helped me see what my internal issues were that were preventing me from taking the necessary steps to get my business off the ground. She stretched me beyond where I could take myself and trusting her, has led my business to places I cold never dream of. Since working with Julian, I have not only launched a new company but I completed my debut book, Being a Wife Just Got Real.  I will be working with Julian until she decides to close her business.”
Tanya Barnett, The Real Wife Movement


“Working with Julian has been one of THE best experiences for me as an adult. She identified issues that I knew I had but had buried. Her life advice and business/brand advice were spot on. She helped me properly evaluate my logo, at the time my website wasn’t finished but she gave me pointers on that, she gave me networking advice, and helped me with pricing. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the 4 pages of notes that I have. I have made so many positive changes in both my personal and business life that I am truly amazed by. Since my session, I’ve obtained my degree and was accepted to 2 grad schools. Both things I’d put out of my mind for another time. Words cannot truly describe the positive impact working with Julian has had on me; not to mention, my daughter LOVES her! I could go on. If I had my actual list here, it would be much longer. Thank you Julian for being such a Positive force, Coach, Sister, Friend and Cheerleader.”
—Keeshah Dawsonia, The Passion Authority
“Thank you so much for everything. Since our conversation, I have been working behind the scenes preparing for February using the tools I learned from you. I am so thankful for you. You are amazing, honest, very resourceful and worth every dime. I feel like you gave me a little more confidence to take myself/business higher. I haven’t questioned things as much since our conversation. I am putting actions into what I’ve learned. Thanks again. May God continue to bless you and every gift he has given you.”
—Keianna Johnson, Chi-Chi Sophistication




What you get:

• 90-minutes of one-on-one consulting providing you with practical information  and tools you can incorporate immediately in your business

• Clarity around your priorities and the most important things to focus on to grow and transform your brand

• The motivation to take action to realize your goals

• Full audio recording of phone session sent to you within 48-hours for your future reference

• Results!


Your investment: $500
Ready to get to work? If you’re ready to work with me to transform your brand from the inside out, please: 1) fill out this form below; 2) make your payment; and, 3) select a time for your 90-minute strategy session once payment has been completed. Contact me with any additional questions. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you!



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