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Tanya Barnett Tanyas Xchange“Julian is a passion filled brand strategist who truly cares about you and your success. She was gentle but assertive in her approach as she helped me unlock lots mental blocks I had regarding my nonprofit business and how to grow it.

On a personal level, she helped me strategize how to overcome a stagnant relationship and … I was able to move on with no guilty feelings. Julian [has helped ensure] my customers get more value out of my services.

If Julian can help me get over my toughest mental hurdles, she is definitely someone who can help anyone who is willing to take her advice and apply it to their lives.”
—Tanya Barnett, Founder, Tanya’s Xchange, Forever Free Books


Leigh George, PhD“Julian is one of the most passionate people I have ever known. We were on the board together of the DC chapter of the AIGA, and I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm for strategic marketing. I saw her start her own company and watch it grow into a successful business with marquee clients.

Her vision and drive are inspiring. She reaches for the stars and it never surprises me that she usually gets there.”

—Leigh George, CEO, freedom


“Working with Julian has been one of the best experiences for me as an adult. She identified issues that I knew I had but had buried. Her life advice and business/brand advice were spot on. When moving forward in business I always go to ‘WWJD’ what would Julian do? She helped me properly evaluate my logo, my website, she gave me networking advice, and helped me with pricing. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the 4 pages of notes that I have [from our brand strategy session].


I have made so many positive changes in both my personal and business life that I am truly amazed by. I feel like she spoke life into me. She believes in me and supports me.


Since my session, I’ve obtained my degree and was accepted to two graduate schools. Both things I’d put out of my mind for another time. She was the first person I told (before any friends or family)… Words cannot truly describe the positive impact working with Julian has had on me. Thank you Julian, for being such a Positive force, Coach, Sister, Friend and Cheerleader.”

—Keeshah “Passionista” Dawsonia, The Passion Authority



“Congratulations, once again, on the ‘I Am Empowered’ exhibit. Your vision and your gift has created something that has struck the souls of many, many people… Thank you for all you do. Be well and may God continue to bless you and all that you put your hand to!”

—Xavier Williams, Executive Vice President, Global Customer Service at AT&T (Sponsor, NUL Centennial Exhibit)


Diana Ramsey Sisters With Beauty“Being a client of Julian’s has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since starting my business five years ago. I had come to a crossroads as an entrepreneur and had hit a brick wall on how to clearly communicate with my customers and push through my personal mental blocks. I was in need of clarity and a revived perspective of how my brand was viewed by others. Julian stepped in and didn’t just begin working on my business, her first action was to help me tackle personal struggles, barriers, and obstacles; preparing me to be a better advocate for my brand.

Working with her, I have been able to successfully write and bring to market my first book. I have identified actionable updates and goals for the next two years in my business, and I now have a better understanding of how to manage my life while giving myself the opportunity to grow in it. 

She’s helped see my value; given me the confidence needed to complete often scary but necessary tasks; and, equipped me with the tools needed to become a Million Dollar Brand. I highly recommend Julian to any brand willing to do the personal and business development.”
—Diana Ramsey, Founder & Beauty Empowerer of SistersWithBeauty



Patrick GusmanJulian Kiganda is one of the most creative and inspiring people that I have met in my two decades of work.

Although her design and construction of the Freedom House Museum and the National Urban League Centennial Exhibit are two stellar examples of her creativity and inspiration, these physical structures do not provide a full sense of her capability to drive results and change lives.”

—Patrick Gusman, COO, Sasha Bruce Youthwork



Amber WrightJulian is a true visionary whose insight and expertise helped bring my book project to life. What I valued most about working with her was how she personalized all aspects of the project to meet my needs. Her professionalism, leadership, patience and support gave me everything I needed to accomplish my goal of becoming a published author with confidence. The experience was truly transformative and I recommend her for your book, project, or brand without reservation!

—Amber L. Wright, M.A., Author & Communication Expert & Coach



Julian brought clarity to my branding efforts and business goals. I have been struggling for three years trying to figure out my gift; the thing that I do best with the least amount of effort. Responding to Julian’s questionnaire was the beginning of the process. As I contemplated the answers, I realized that I had some work to do, but I was excited about the prospect because the vision was becoming clearer. The conversation with Julian helped me remember my many accomplishments; things that I took lightly that really are kind of a big deal. Julian really has an amazing gift. She has the ability to hone in, making you recall and acknowledge your truth. Goals and aspirations that have been there for years. In some cases, since childhood. I am so grateful that I followed through with the branding session with Julian. It was definitely worth the investment and I am sure that I will continue working with her. The foundation for my success has been laid; I plan to continue building on it.

—Shirley Chevalier


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